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Subscriptions and Fees

At present, in 2017, Bath & Wiltshire Romans has an 'open age' (over 16) team in the RFL West of England League. Players aged 16 and 17 must include parental permission on their signing-on forms. There is no upper age limit.


The annual subscription fee is £50, with concessions for the unemployed and students, and the match fee is £5. 


In a ten-match season, this level of subscription/fee equates to £10 per match which includes:


* The hire of the 'club' (Corsham RFC) and its facilities

* The marking of the pitch (RL markings)

* RFL insurance (c£200)

* The purchase of the kit (playing kit, balls, tackle shields etc)

* Replacement and washing/drying etc

* Food (c£50 for every home match)

* Physio (c£50 every week)

* Referee (c£50 for every home match)

* Stash (polos are coming) - see below


So, whilst the level of subscription may initially cause a sharp intake of breath, when all the facilities on offer are taken into account and after some consideration, this must be seen as an absolute bargain! It does, after all, equate only to the cost of one meal (including wine of course) at any decent restaurant.

The new Romans polos


Pedro has clearly missed his vocation as he cuts a fine figure in this pre-release version of the new Romans polo.


Pre-release as we have a few in order to calculate sizing requirements. Now we know how the sizes fit, the club and sponsorship logos will be added and the polos produced in the quantities and sizes required.


The polos form part of the players' subscription package which is, as indicated above, an absolute bargain.


Let's hope Mens Fashion, Tatler, Esquire, GQ and all the rest don't get wind of our full-back as he could be off to start a new career in the fashion business.

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