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Bath & Wiltshire Romans
Bath & Wiltshire Romans

Romans' Players - 2017

Ryan Wilcox - club captain

Jimmy Godfrey

Ryan Collins-Thomas (Pedro)

Leigh Wheatley


DOB: 2/7/86

Position: half-back

Height: 163cm (5'4" in old money)

Weight: 83kg

Plays rugby league as part of "anger management from marriage"


Dean Curle

Stuart Barron

Rory Auld

Brendan Tait

Shaun Allen


DOB: 15/4/89

Position: forward (prop/2nd-row/loose)

Height 184cm (6ft+ in old money)

Weight: 109kg

Plays rugby league because he loves the physicality of the game

Ben Brierley

Josh Brierley

Matthew Toroca

Michael Saltet

Harry Garrad

Bruce Vuetanatotoka


DOB: 31/03/77

Position: centre

Height: 185cm (6' 1" in old money)

Weight: 92kg

Plays rugby league because “I love rugby because it is what every Fijian loves and it feels like more than just passion, but a religion”

Aaron Knowles

Mike Perry

Ed Suttle

Sam Goulding


DOB: 28/3/98

Position: prop or 2nd-row

Height: 182cm (6' in old money)

Weight: 110kg

Plays rugby league because “You get to meet plenty of characters, some you may dislike for 80 minutes but then have a pint with them after the game”

Russ Preston

Ashley Salter

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