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Personal Insurance

For personal insurance cover for injuries which may keep a player off work for weeks or months, the Romans club has negotiated with Wiltshire Friendly Society (WFS) in order to offer players cover for such eventualities. Information about the policy, cover provided, premiums and benefits are given in the files below. WFS has offered to further explain the policy at any club event (training, meeting, match) through their 'Adviser' Alan Godfrey.

Personal Insurance - Wiltshire Friendly Society

See file WFS Insurance - 1

See file WFS Insurance - 2

See file WFS Insurance - 3

See file WFS Insurance - 4


The 'Draft Pricing & Terms - April 2017' may seem a bit complex but perhaps an illustration may help. If a player wishes to take out £600 per month cover deferred for 4 weeks (ie no payment for the first 4 weeks) then, for a player aged 30 and below (the first row), the premium would be £20.64 per month (6 x £3.44).


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